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The Veho Muvi 1080p HD No Proof No Glory Edition offers you a Full HD Veho Muvi action camcorder with a range of mounts and accessories to satisfy any adventure sports enthusiast.

Buy the Veho Muvi 1080p HD NPNG now...

Key Features
• 5-mega pixel Full HD 1080p hands-free camcorder
• Waterproof Case up to 60M included
• 30fps at full 1080p or 60fps at 720p resolution
• Wireless remote control with 5m range

The NPNG pack includes 60M Veho Waterproof Case, protecting your 1080p helmet camera from the elements whether diving the ocean depths or tearing through puddles on your dirt bike.

The Veho Muvi HD features a built-in LCD screen for view finding and playback, as well as a wireless remote control (5m range) allowing you to control the camera hands free.

The Veho Muvi NPNG has standard tripod connections in both the HD camera and the waterproof housing, extending your Muvi HD's mounting options from the plentiful range already included in the pack.

Get out of the box and go, with the Veho Muvi 1080p HD NPNG, the perfect all-in-one pack for action sports fans!

Buy yours today!

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• Full HD 1080p Recording
• 60fps recording at 720p
• Sound activated stop/start recording
• Bright colour built in LCD Screen - review your footage out in the field
• 4GB Micro SD Card (upgradeable to 32GB)
• Up to 3 Hours recording time with 4GB memory (8GB microSD card   included)
• Internal rechargeable battery (up to 4 hours continuous recording)
• Universal mounting options
• Wireless remote with 5 metre range
• 160° Wide Angle Lens
• Snapshot function with self timer
• 3x Digital Zoom
• 400 ISO Range
• Auto White Balance and Auto Exposure
• Wide Range of Sports Mounts
• Waterproof Case up to 60M included
• 5 mega-pixel still camera


Camera Optics
Minimum focal range:
• 2.5cm
Maximum focal range:
• Endless
• f/2.8
• Fixed Focus
• 160°
Camera ISO range:
• 400 ISO
Minimum illumination:
• 1 Lux

Frame rate:
• 1080p@30fps
• 960p@30fps
• 720p@30fps
• 720p@60fps
• WVGA@60fps
• 1080p@16mbit/s
• 960p/720p@8mbit/s
Video resolution:
• Full HD 1080p, 5-mega pixels
Sensor type:
• CMOS Lens, 1 /2.5
Video format:
• .MOV, H264 Codec
Video Options:
• Loop recording
• Slow motion (in playback mode)
Digital zoom:
• 3x (720p mode)
Optical zoom:
• None
Video Stabilisation:
• None

• Built-in, Mono
Audio Format:
• 48 KHz
• AAC audio compression
• mp4a codec

Photo resolution:
• 5-mega pixels
Photo capture modes:
• Single
• Treble photo mode
• Continuous photo mode (every 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 secs)
• Self Timer (5 or 10 seconds)
White balance
• Auto
Picture format:
Digital zoom:
• 3x
Optical zoom:
• None
Image stabilisation:
• None

Power and Battery
• 1400 mAh (Lithion rechargeable)/3.5V
Battery charge time:
• 3 hours
Battery life (from full charge)
• Up to 3 hours continuous recording

• 8GB microSD card included
• Up to max 32GB microSD card
Recording capacity:
• 2GB/30mins

PC Connection
• USB 2.0
HDTV out:
• Yes
Audio Out:
• 2.5mm jack for audio and video out cable

Minimum system requirements:
• All Windows and all Mac O/S X
• 1.5¨ LCD – Bright colour
Wireless remote range:
• 5 metres
• Temperature: -20°C-60°C
• Relative humidity 15-85%
• Temperature: 10°C-50°C
• Relative Humidity 15-85%
• 80mm x 47mm x 19mm
• 81g
Exposure Control:
• Auto
• Centered
• Average
• Spot metered


• 1x MUVI HD Hands Free Camcorder
• 1x Sensa Wireless Remote Control
• 1x 8GB MicroSD Card
• 1x Pouch
• 1x Software Micro CD
• 1x Waterproof Case
• 1x Helmet Front Mount
• 1x Universal 3M Adhesive Mounting Kit
• 1x Universal Cradle Mounting Kit
• 1x Universal Helmet Mounting kit
• 1x USB Charging Cable
• 1x HDMI Port with TV Out

Check out the Full HD quality video of watersports, skating, hang gliding, motor racing, downhill riding, bmxing and more – this video has a bit of something for everyone. 

For less than £140, and smaller than most, this is a pretty impressive head cam. 

My favourite, nice time-lapse over the beach. Push play and watch it for yourself!

If you’re keen on checking out more from this camera, go to the Muvi HD10 or the Muvi HD10 No Proof No Glory special edition.

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