Afternoon all; we’ve got some more new products to show you! We’re covering the holy triangle of head cams today, with a product to place in each of the cameras, mounts and accessories categories.

This week, we’ve got the latest camera from the hugely popular Replay XD camera brand; two new Optrix action camera cases for iPhone; a GoPro pole mount and a portable camera torch from Joby. Scroll down and check ‘em out.


Replay XD720

Replay XD720 HD Bullet Camera

Its big brother, the Replay XD1080, has proven one of our most consistently popular cameras over the past year, holding its own against the wave of new cameras such as the Drift HD Ghost, GoPro Hero 3, and Contour Plus 2 and Roam 2.

So when we heard about the new Replay XD720, we figured it would prove equally enticing to those who prefer a more streamlined, bullet-shaped camera.

At £149.99, it’s one of the best-priced HD helmet cameras we currently stock, as well as being one of the smallest at just 8cm in length, 2.5cm in diameter, and 56-grams in weight.

As far as video and audio go, the XD720 is pretty sweet, boasting HD 720p video at 60fps, a good internal microphone, and the option to plug in an external mic for enhanced audio.

When combined with the Replay Audio kit, it’s pretty ideal for use as a motorsports or motorbike camera. But there are plenty of adhesives in the pack for sticking to various sports helmets and equipment.

Tiny, lightweight, but packed full of HD goodness; check out the Replay XD720 bullet cam here.


Optrix XD4 & XD5

Optrix XD4 iPhone Action Camera Case

Next up, we’ve got the Optrix XD4 and XD5 iPhone action camera cases, which essentially transform your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 into a bona fide helmet cam.

Both the XD4 for iPhone 4/4S and the XD5 for iPhone 5 feature a 175° wide-angle lens, broadening your iPhones field of view to a level comparable to that of a GoPro Hero 3 or Drift HD Ghost. And with the iPhone’s 1080p video capability and stabilisation control, the video quality is pretty storming as well.

Such is their durability; both cases have been tested according to the United States Military Standard, MIL-STD-810, for water immersion, shock resistance, vibration, and particle resistance. One can only assume that if it’s tough enough to get the OK from the United States Department of Defence, then it’s probably just about suitable for a bike ride or snowboard session.

Optrix XD5 iPhone Helmet Camera Case

So there’s more to this baby than simply shoving your iPhone in a plastic box and throwing yourself down a mountain. More proof? Well, once the iPhone’s in the case, it wouldn’t be much good if you couldn’t access any of its features. That’s why Optrix built a ‘membrane’ around the iPhones touchscreen, allowing full access to all your apps, photos, videos etc.

Essentially, the only difference between the two cases is that the XD4 is for the iPhone 4 and 4S, and the XD5 is for the iPhone. Oh, and the XD5 has a flip door for access to the headphone and charge ports, as well as the phones microphone.

Check ‘em both out; we’ve got the Optrix XD4 priced at £79.99, and the Optrix XD5 at £89.95.


GoPole Reach

One of the most popular mounts for GoPro Hero cameras has always been the GoPole.

GoPole’s latest product, the GoPole Reach, is the most durable pole mount they’ve released to date, feeling sturdy and rugged, yet light enough to carry comfortably on a long shoot.

The extendable pole mount has always proven particularly popular amongst snowboarders, allowing for sick hand-held angles as you carve down the mountain.

The GoPole Reach extends from 17” to 40” in length, with the GoPro Hero attaching to the end. Though of course, with a GoPro Mount Adapter, the GoPole Reach becomes compatible with a host of other head cams such as the Drift and Contour ranges.

Coming in at £49.99, take a look at the GoPole Reach, an essential GoPro Hero 3 accessory.


Joby Gorilla Blade

Last up is a useful accessory for any videographer shooting at night or low light – the Joby GorillaTorch Blade 130, priced at £49.99.

This 130-lumen torch features bendy legs with magnetic feet, so you can wrap it around strangely shaped objects, or securely stick to metal surfaces.

Once you’ve got your angle, hit the switch to toggle between 65-lumens, 130-lumens and off. That easy.

Joby GorillaTorch Blade 130 - Camera Torch Light with Adjustable Legs and Magnetic Feet. Up to 130-lumens.GoPole Reach - Extendable Pole Mount for GoPro Hero 3 Helmet Cameras

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