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Camera Chargers

Ensure you're prepared for shooting by keeping your camera battery fully charged. They range from wall socket to 12V car chargers, as well as portable power packs.
Check out our range of battery chargers below...

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Garmin VIRB USB Power Adapter

Charge your battery in four different continents

Garmin VIRB Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

Rechargeable battery charger for VIRB & Elite

Hama 12V Universal Car Charger

Universal helmet camera charger for your vehicle

Drift Battery Cradle Charger UK

Charge your camera at your convenience.

Contour International Wall Charger

Stay charged on your travels!

Garmin VIRB Car Charger

12V vehicle charger for Garmin cameras

Drift 12V Car Charger

Out of Stock. View related products: • Conto...

Garmin VIRB Lens Kit

Replacement lens & tools for VIRB cameras

Veho Pebble Smartstick Portable Battery Charger - Purple

Portable charging on the go


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