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iON Air Pro

Bullet cameras, mount to your ski helmet, bike, car, boat, or surf board. The iON Air Pro camera range comes with Wi-Fi options, waterproof to 10 metres, small, sleek and light in design. Shooting Full HD 1080p and 60fps at 720p for slow motion shots. With prices from £199.99, there's an iON Air Pro helmet camera kit for all action sports.
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iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

iON’s latest & most advanced HD helmet cam


iON Speed Pro

Now £229.99 instead of £289.99 High-definitio...

iON Helmet & Bike Kit

Mount your iON Air Pro action camera with the ION ...

iON Board Kit

Mounts your iON Air Pro to any type of board. IN S...

iON Board Adhesives

Extra iON surfboard mount adhesive pads

iON Helmet Adhesives

Spare iON helmet mount adhesive pads


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